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Tube and Port Milling in Solid Edge CAM Pro and NX CAM

This blog shows users how to easily machine tubes and ports using our manufacturing packages.

Additive Manufacturing Tools in Solid Edge

Additive Manufacturing Tools in Solid Edge

NX Mechanism Parting-Lines and Seal-offs

NX Advanced curve and surface features; showing Mechanism iso-cline technique and quick shut-off creation methods.

Solid Edge Design Manager

This blog show you how to manage a typical revision to an assembly, and associative draft files, using Design Manager

3D Design - Common Assembly Strategies for Additive Manufacturing

This video goes over a few simple but effective methods to assemble 3d printed parts. We cover a few key features in Solid Edge that makes assembling easy and also go over a dovetail joint.

3D printing electronics enclosures with HP Jet Fusion Technology

3D printing with HP Jet Fusion simplifies the process even further. There are zero supports required and assemblies can be printed in place. Common features we see are:

Implicit Modeling in NX

Implicit Modeling in NX

Solid Edge Technical Publications

If your company is struggling with the cost and time wasted on producing accurate technical documentation, perhaps it is time to look at Solid Edge Technical Publications.

Packing Density and Cost Per Part – The Impact of Mass Reduction

When 3D printing a powder bed technology (Jet Fusion, Selective Laser Sintering) one of the most important constraints to consider is the packing density of your build. Packing density refers to the percent of the build volume that is taken up by the printed parts themselves. Depending on your technology and application it is typical to see targets set at 6 – 12%.

Solid Edge Tips and Tricks (SEU)

Our annual Solid Edge Tips and Tricks presented at Solid Edge University 2021

NX Parting Lines Tips

NX Advanced curve and surface features; showing best-practice techniques to improve your mold parting-lines and run-offs.

Solid Edge University 2021 Links

Shared links from our Solid Edge University Event

3 Simple and Impactful Additive Design Considerations

Manufacturing aids are the perfect first applications to 3D print. We see companies typically saving +50% in cost, shavings days if not weeks off turnaround, and lightening their parts by moving off of metal or solid plastic to fiber reinforced composite parts.

Reverse Engineering from Images

Solid Edge’s new Subdivision modeling allows you to reverse engineer and part from images

Reverse engineering scanned data to create a helmet

In this video we go over the reverse engineering tools in Solid Edge 2021. We then go over some techniques on how to create a helmet from scanned data of a human head

Quick overview of NX technical data package

Quick overview of NX technical data package

Additive Manufacturing in Solid Edge 2021

This video goes over additive manufacturing using Solid Edge 2021. It shows how to prepare and validate your model before sending it for 3D printing so you can catch the errors beforehand. We also go over how to add 3D Printer materials to your library and browse for 3D printer services from online vendors.

Baker's Dozen of Solid Edge Trips and Ticks Part 2

Part 2 of our annual presentation of tips and tricks, gathered over the year from technical questions received from our customer base.

Baker’s Dozen of Solid Edge Tips and Tricks – Part 1

Part 1 of our annual presentation of tips and tricks, gathered over the year from technical questions received from our customer base.

Growing 3D printing in North America

Growing 3D printing in North America Through its novel partnership concept, designfusion is enabling companies like Stratagen3d of Kelowna, BC to start – and grow – its business

Using Solid Edge Advanced Simulation

Using Solid Edge Advanced Simulation

Using NX Join

This video demonstrates the NX join capability for users who often use fastener and welding in their design.

Some tips on working with Adjustable Assemblies.

Over the years I have supported numerous customers who have had issues with adjustable assemblies. Although they are often easy to create, editing and manipulating them can be confusing. In this blog article, I will point out a few tips for working with them, which I hope will make it easier to work with your own adjustable assemblies.

Using the Structure Designer Application

This video demonstrates the capabilities of structure designer application in NX1926

Design for Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing is the combination of two major sources of product implementation, design and the production process. In which both the design of a product should be simple and easy while in manufacturing, production cost should be less with a better quality product.

How to Create a Deformable Part in NX

How to Create a Deformable Part in NX

Using New Sketch Solver in NX1926

Overview of New Sketch Solver in NX1926

NEW Online Training

An overview of our NEW online self paced training

Solid Edge Webinars (French)

Solid Edge Webinaires

Using Product Template Studio

This video is to demonstrate a capability of product template studio with a real life example.

Using Markforged Eiger Software

How to determine where to add more strength by adding carbon fiber as reinforcement material.

Reverse Engineering in Solid Edge 2020

In this video we start with an STL file of a kettlebell and we reverse engineer it from scratch, going through every step in detail. This also covers surfacing techniques which aid in re-creating the kettlebell and achieving a solid design body

Markforged Eiger

Eiger is a cloud-based print management application, that allows you to designate and review printing solutions options. This application covers all Markforged product line.

Saving PDFs from Solid Edge

Communication between you and your colleagues, customers, contractors, and suppliers has always been crucial to your success. This is even more critical in this time of social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the more universal ways of sharing documents is through PDF files. PDF format allows the sharing of 2D and 3D documents electronically. Plus, most computers already have a PDF reader, so anyone can view these documents. Furthermore, the PDF format supports both 2D PDF and 3D PDF documents, which is ideal for communicating CAD data. With Solid Edge, you can save assemblies, parts, sheet metal parts, and draft documents in the PDF format. In this blog article, I will review the steps on how to save your Solid Edge files into the PDF format.

Maximizing your NC investment with Designfusion's CAM Services

Siemens NX G-code driven simulation is an essential part of staying competitive in today’s market and maximizing your machine tool investments. Validating your G-code before transferring a program to a machine tool is crucial. This becomes even more critical when working with 5-axis machines and multitasking machines. NC program validation can save time and money while also making sure company assets are kept safe.

Surface Modeling In Solid Edge

An introduction on how to model parts with an organic shape using surface modeling. Here we make use of the Blue Surf command and how to manipulate the surface using Blue Dots

NX CAM G-Code Driven Simulation with a DMG Mori CTX Gamma

This video highlights the advanced G-code Driven Simulation integrated with NX for Manufacturing. The DMG Mori CTX Gamma 5-axis machine is easily programmed and the verified using actual G-code before the program is sent to the machine. This capability ensures costly mistakes such as collisions, over travels, setup errors, and more can prevented. G-code Simulation will enhance productivity, increase efficiency and reduce cycle times.

NX Webinars

As part our efforts to support our customers in these challenging times Designfusion is offering this free 5 part webinar series .The invitation is open to your whole company, new employees, casual users and people who have not previously had the time to pick up NX skills.

Solid Edge Webinars

Solid Edge Webinars

Our Response to the Covid_19 Pandemic

This article will walk you through how this special license can be used to allow you to work from home, using one of these options.

Integration between Solid Edge and SolidEdge CAM Pro

As some of you may already know, Solid Edge has its own manufacturing product called Solid Edge CAM Pro. Prior to ST10 we used NX CAM Express. In ST10, they renamed this to Solid Edge CAM Pro, to ensure that our customer base knew that this manufacturing package was for Solid Edge.

Analyzing your Current Designs for Printable Savings

There are a lot of people we talk to that are very excited about what additive manufacturing is doing to the world. The question that never seems to get asked is the most import. “How do WE get this into our company”. The first response is you have to acknowledge that what we do and how we do it today has rules that we have all accepted and just carry on every day like there are no limiting factors…but there are!

The Advantages of Print for Manufacture

Additive Manufacturing enables companies to achieve completely new levels of product performance, manufacturing effectiveness and business results.New software, hardware and material technologies have emerged to completely change the way the products are designed and manufactured.Additive manufacturing is one of the revolutionary technologies that can transform production operations and business models.

Topology Optimization

Accelerate your Product Development process and explore wider range of design options with NX’s Generative Design

Point Cloud in NX

In NX 1899 we can Reverse Engineer the scanned 3D point cloud data to convergent bodies using “Mesh from cloud” tool. A very handy and effective tool to work with organic and complex shapes in the additive manufacturing process.

A Baker’s Dozen of Tips and Tricks – Part 2

In this blog article, I will recap the second part of my annual Baker’s Dozen of Tips and Tricks, which was presented at recent Solid Edge Universities, in Toronto, Winnipeg and Red Deer. What follows is, the PowerPoint slides and links to videos showing what was demonstrated live, at the SEU events.

A Bakers Dozen of Tips and Tricks SE 2020 - Part 1

In this blog article, I will recap the first part of my annual Baker’s Dozen of Tips and Tricks, which was presented at recent Solid Edge Universities, in Toronto, Winnipeg and Red Deer. What follows is, the PowerPoint slides and links to videos showing what was demonstrated live, at the SEU events.

Generative Design Demo

This video covers the transition from a traditionally manufactured part to an additive manufactured part using Generative Design capabilities in Solid Edge.

Assembly Subtract Options

Assembly Subtract Options Video

Tips to Improve the Performance of Solid Edge

We are regularly asked how to improve the performance of Solid Edge. The vast majority of performance issues can be improved by doing one of the following: a) Improve the performance of your computer b) Check your Solid Edge data for errors c)Take the Advanced Assembly course Let’s look at these different topics in some detail.

Creating Holes around a Tube in a Helical Pattern

Recently I had an interesting demo, where I was asked to model a tube with helically patterned holes. I was sure that we could do it, but I was surprised at the simplicity of it. But as I always say, everything is simple if you know what you are doing. Needless to say, the prospect was amazed at the speed with which we made his part and, I’m pleased to say, has become a customer. So, I thought I’d share this knowledge with our blog readers and I hope you find it beneficial.

What's New in Solid Edge 2019

Some of you may be asking “What happen to Solid Edge ST11?”. Siemens PLM has decided to adopt the year format, thus making the next release Solid Edge 2019. Products in the Solid Edge portfolio will also adopt this year format name change. For example, “Solid Edge Illustrations” will be named “Solid Edge Illustrations 2019”.

Working with Large Assemblies - Part 3

In this article, I will continue to focus on some of the Solid Edge tools used to deal with large assemblies.

Working with Large Assemblies - Part 2

In this article, I will continue to focus on some of the Solid Edge tools used to deal with large assemblies.

Working with Large Assemblies - Part 1

One of the most prominent issues, that has bogged down many CAD systems, is the ability to deal with large assemblies. Despite improved hardware and continuing CAD improvements, this issue is still a top complaint among many CAD users. In some cases, it is the CAD system’s architecture that causes the system to slowdown as the assembly size increases. However, with Solid Edge, most cases we encounter are the result of the user being unaware of tools and/or best practices for dealing with large assemblies.

How to save an assembly as a single part file.

I’ve had a couple of calls, on our tech line this month, asking if it’s possible to save an assembly as a single part file. For users who are on ST10 or Solid Edge 2019 the answer is yes. Solid Edge refers to this as a One Body Assembly, and it is part of the Insert Part Copy command.

A baker’s dozen of tips and tricks Part 2 – from 2018 SEU events

This is the second part, of our tips and tricks session, that we presented at our 5 SEU related events in 2018.

A baker’s dozen of tips and tricks Part 1 – from 2018 SEU events

This year, Designfusion hosted and participated in 5 Solid Edge University events. Starting with SEU Toronto, and followed by SEU Montreal, and then our 2-Day SEU event in Chicago. We then ran two events called the “Best of SEU 2018” in Olds, Alberta and Winnipeg, Manitoba. One of the most popular sessions was our Tips and Tricks session. For those of you who missed one of these events, we offer you this blog which covers the tips and tricks session.

A look at NX Check-Mate

Check-Mate is a very powerful tool in Siemens NX and is often overlooked. It provides an automated, customizable tool that aids in proactively improving product quality. Check-Mate has capabilities ranging from a simple spell check on all notes and annotations to reporting WAVE-linked objects in an assembly and the WAVE link status. While there are over 300 standard checkers, Check-Mate also allows the user to set up customized design checking to ensure all projects comply with their Company’s standards. For example, if your company works with layers frequently, a customized check can be set up to check if the specified layers or layer categories contain the object types to which they are mapped.

From Harness Model to Harness Layout in minutes

Solid Edge helps you overcome electro mechanical design challenges with a dedicated solution for electrical design—enabling true co-design collaboration across electrical and mechanical domains. Sounds impressive, but what does it really mean? In this blog, I want to show you a simple scenario that will illustrate the power and speed of this new module.

Highlights from Solid Edge 2020

Solid Edge 2020 will be available for download soon (mid-July 2020), so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this latest release from Siemens PLM Software.Click the links, if you haven’t already read the Press Release or seen the Fact Sheet. Plus, there have been numerous articles already posted about the new enhancements in Solid Edge 2020.So, I will not try and cover everything added or enhanced in this article.Instead I will focus on several features that I believe will benefit the average designer, or ones that I feel will have an impact on their current procedures. Hence the name of this blog article.

It is time for an honest comparison of CAD/CAM software

The internet is loaded with websites and articles offering a wide variety of opinions on CAD and CAM software, but most of these are bias to particular needs, software companies, or the author. Furthermore, many of the articles focus on sales rather than the technical capabilities of the software. So how do you, the user, determine which CAD or CAM software is best for your needs? In this article, I will offer you a simple, yet reliable, method to achieve this goal. 

Reverse Engineer a Turbine Wheel from Scanned Data.

Reverse Engineer a Turbine Wheel from Scanned Data.

How to upgrade to Solid Edge 2020

With the release of Solid Edge 2020, several early adopters have contacted us requesting help in upgrading. Normally this is relatively a simple process, but this release has introduced a new common licensing platform. This introduction has caused some confusion, so I will try to clarify it, in this blog article.

Creating a gradient Face Style

In this blog article, I’d like to share a trick with Face Styles, that has proven handy for me over the years. I will start by showing, for those who may not be aware, how to create your own Face Styles(colors) for painting your models. Solid Edge contains a list of default Face Styles, but you can create your own custom Face Style when needed.

Solid Edge 2019 Installation Download Notes

You can now download the new Solid Edge 2019 from the GTAC download site: You will need a webkey account to access this site.


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