About Designfusion:

The founders of Designfusion have been serving the Siemens PLM customer community for more than ten years. Whether working as part of the Siemens PLM organization, or as leaders of what is now North America's largest dedicated Siemens PLM Solution partner, our team has been committed to providing industry leading support to the engineering design and manufacturing community.

Founded in 2002 with over 17 years of business and growth
Designfusion has more than 1500 current customers
Covering all of
North America PLM customers in English and French
98% Renewal rate on Support Contracts

At Designfusion, our goal is to provide unmatched levels of service and responsiveness to our customer. Our approach to customer service is evident from our solution oriented approach to sales, through to our customer support, with our guaranteed availability. Realizing that our customers are often working under intense deadline pressures, Designfusion became the first Siemens PLM VAR in North America to provide 1-800 hotline support. From that first call for support through to the most advanced service, customization or implementation requirements, Designfusion is there for our customers. Our ongoing efforts are directed at enabling our customers to rapidly gain return on their technology investments. Designfusion's experienced staff has assisted in all sizes of implementation, from single seat local implementations to large and complex implementations across the globe.

Our commitment to our customers includes actively working with the local user community to establish user groups and ongoing technical forums.  As evidence of that commitment the user group activities in our regions regularly deliver the highest attendance in North America.  A well connected customer community is an invaluable resource for companies looking to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Recognized by both our customers and Siemens PLM as a true Value Added reseller Designfusion has consistently delivered Platinum level performance. From the opening day on 2002 through to 2017 Designfusion has grown from five people with no customers to  more than 40 people covering 1400 customers.  We measure our success in terms of customer satisfaction, our rapid growth, industry leading  position  and 98% renewal rate on support contracts provide a strong indication of our performance.

At Designfusion we take nothing for granted and work to earn your business on a daily basis


Designfusion is the largest dedicated solution provider of Siemens PLM software in North America. With an expert support team and a decade of history in the industry designfusion is the #1 choice for companies looking to best enhance their software acquisition.

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 305 Milner Ave, Suite 308
   Toronto, Ontario, M1B 3V4

 Phone: 416 267-5542
    Toll Free: 1-888-567-3933    
 Fax: 416-267-6553

 info@designfusion.com
 2734, rue Étienne Lenoir
   Laval, Quebec. H7R 0A3.

 Phone: 514-761-5682 
    Toll-Free:  1-866-534-5682
 Fax: 1-877-843-0367

 info@designfusion.com
 871, rue Shefford, suite 201,    Bromont, Quebec, J2L 1C4.

 Phone: 450-534-5682
    Toll Free: 1-866-534-5682
 Fax: 1-877-843-0367

 info@designfusion.com
 1400 E Touhy Ave, Suite 477
   Des Plaines, IL 60018

 Phone: 847-439-0555
    Toll Free: 1-866-921-1830
 Fax: 1-877-730-5043

 info@designfusion.com

 60 Scarsdale Rd, Unit 119
  Toronto, Ontario, M3B 2R7

 info@designfusion.com

 1919, Boulevard Lionel-Bertrand
   Suite 101, Boisbriand, QC
  J7H 1N8, Canada

 info@designfusion.com

Coverage: Designfusion proudly supports all of North America in both English and French.

 Phone: 1-877-215-1883  support@designfusion.com

Note: The technical support hotline is for maintenance paying customers only.


Serving all of North America with Office locations in:
Toronto, ON - Montreal, QC - Bromont, QC - Chicago, IL - Allentown, PA

Toll Free: 1-888-567-3933    

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