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Saving PDFs from Solid Edge

Communication between you and your colleagues, customers, contractors, and suppliers has always been crucial to your success. This is even more critical in this time of social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the more universal ways of sharing documents is through PDF files. PDF format allows the sharing of 2D and 3D documents electronically. Plus, most computers already have a PDF reader, so anyone can view these documents. Furthermore, the PDF format supports both 2D PDF and 3D PDF documents, which is ideal for communicating CAD data. With Solid Edge, you can save assemblies, parts, sheet metal parts, and draft documents in the PDF format. In this blog article, I will review the steps on how to save your Solid Edge files into the PDF format.

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Maximizing your NC investment with Designfusion's CAM Services

Siemens NX G-code driven simulation is an essential part of staying competitive in today’s market and maximizing your machine tool investments. Validating your G-code before transferring a program to a machine tool is crucial. This becomes even more critical when working with 5-axis machines and multitasking machines. NC program validation can save time and money while also making sure company assets are kept safe.

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Surface Modeling In Solid Edge

An introduction on how to model parts with an organic shape using surface modeling. Here we make use of the Blue Surf command and how to manipulate the surface using Blue Dots

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NX CAM G-Code Driven Simulation with a DMG Mori CTX Gamma

This video highlights the advanced G-code Driven Simulation integrated with NX for Manufacturing. The DMG Mori CTX Gamma 5-axis machine is easily programmed and the verified using actual G-code before the program is sent to the machine. This capability ensures costly mistakes such as collisions, over travels, setup errors, and more can prevented. G-code Simulation will enhance productivity, increase efficiency and reduce cycle times.

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