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Designfusion has provided two complete webinar series aimed at getting started with Solid Edge and getting started with NX CAD.  Scroll down to find these webinars on top of other resources to help you with your lockdown learning.

Work From Home Resources

As we encounter the new challenges presented by the Covid19 pandemic we can stay positive and remember that the world has encountered pandemics before and come out stronger.  So while we have such a disruption it might offer opportunities to catch up on projects or spend more time learning. Our Covid19 page is devised to help in this regard with instructions on home licensing and learning opportunities.

In order to facilitate our Solid Edge Users, Siemens is providing special Covid-19 licensing. This license is designed to give you the following options:

  1. Running Solid Edge remotely from the office workstation/ location
  2. Running Solid Edge locally on the employee’s home computer

 This article will walk you through how this special license can be used to allow you to work from home, using one of these options.

Running Solid Edge remotely from the office workstation/location

Currently, if you have Node Locked licensing at work, you are blocked from accessing Solid Edge remotely. To circumvent this limitation, you can save your current license file in a secure location, and load the Covid-19 license file. The Covid-19 license file allows for remote access. But remember you will need your IT department to set up a VPN for you,as this excerpt from the Siemens article explains:

By running a virtual private network (VPN) from the employee’s home computer to the corporate network it is then possible for the user to run Solid Edge remotely from their office workstation.

This VPN solution will be provided by the company’s IT department and the employee will need to coordinate any questions and issues related to the VPN software and usage of with their IT support.

The benefit of running Solid Edge remotely is the minimal implementation required to run. There is only the VPN software to install on to the user’s home computer. There is no Solid Edge installation and no alternate licensing method required to run Solid Edge.

Running Solid Edge locally on the employee’s home computer

Another excerpt from the Siemens article explains:

By installing and licensing the Solid Edge software on to the employee’s home computer it is then possible for the user to run Solid Edge on their home computer.

Installing Solid Edge locally will provide for a more performant solution than trying to run Solid Edge remotely.

This solution will require providing a copy of the software install media to the employee and possibly configuring some form of alternate licensing for the user’s home computer.

The above-mentioned alternate licensing is this special Covid-19 license file. The user installs Solid Edge on their home system and launches the License Utility. They then select the “I have a License file” option on the License Utility dialog, and browse to where they have saved the special license file.

Solid Edge sign up image

And that is all there is to it. This will run on a Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise equipped computer, that meets the standard requirements to run Solid Edge. Here are the recommended system requirements:

·       Windows 10 Enterprise or Professional (64-bit only) version 1709 or later

·       16 GB RAM or more

·       True Color (32–bit) or 16 million colors (24–bit)

·       Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Here’s the minimum system configuration:

·       Windows 10 Enterprise or Professional (64-bit only) version 1709 or later

·       8 GB RAM

·       65K Colors

·       Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

·       7.8 GB of disk space required for installation

Obtaining the special Covid-19 license

Our customers can obtain their special license by contacting us on our Tech-line at 1-877-215-1883, during regular business hours. Please note that our technical team has also been forced to work from home, due to this pandemic. Therefore,you may be prompted to leave a message. Please leave a detailed message,including your name and your company’s name, along with a contact number and the version of Solid Edge that you are using. You can also reach us at support@designfusion.com. We will provide you with a special Covid-19 license file which is currently good until May 28, 2020.

If neither of these solutions will work for you or your company, please let us know and we will contact Siemens support to see if they can accommodate your needs.

All of us, at Designfusion, are committed to keeping our customers working through these historic times. This special license is our way of keeping you working,but more importantly, keeping you safe. If needed, we can even provide virtual training, and demonstrations, over the internet. As always, please contact your Account Manager or our support team with any of your questions.

Considerations for Working from home with NX

This document provides a high-level overview of the requirements to work with NX when away from the normal office environment. It does not cover all possible configuration scenarios, but it does explore several different options.

These guidelines also apply in principle to other Siemens Digital Industries Software applications, that use the Siemens PLM License Server, such as, Simcenter 3D, Tecnomatix and Teamcenter.

There are three main elements of the NX installation to consider:

• Access to a license for NX

• The NX software installation

• Accessing NX data

Another factor is the network connectivity available to the home worker into the office environment. The following scenarios will be considered

Considerations for Working from home with Solid Edge

In this document we will attempt to provide a high-level overview on the considerations you need to be aware of when working with Solid Edge from your home location.

There are two topics to be considered when trying to work with Solid Edge from home

• Running Solid Edge software

• Accessing Solid Edge data

By providing information on both these topics hopefully this will better educate you on the options available to working with Solid Edge from home and help guide you in to implementing a final, suitable solution.

Solid Edge COVID-19 Response Resources

Given the current global climate surrounding COVID-19 and social distancing, many businesses are actively encouraging their employees to work from home. To ensure your business continuity, we are happy to help you by providing #covid19responseresources and have several options for accessing Solid Edge in your home office or remote working location.

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