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Whether you design stylized or stamped metal products or the machines to manufacture them, the latest release of Solid Edge includes new innovations that allow you to be more productive. That make (making) it the most proficient, hybrid 2D/3D design system on the market.

Benefits of Solid Edge

Digital Prototyping: With Solid Edge you can build entire 3D digital prototypes and optimize your designs before production
Faster Design: Designers can accelerate model creation without engaging in design preplanning.
2D to 3D Ease: Solid Edge has proven successful in helping companies reduce engineering costs through better re-use of 2D and 3D data.

Solid Edge Key Capabilites

Sheet Metal Design

Solid Edge provides a complete sheet metal design system from modeling, flattening and manufacturing documentation. Create straight brake, rolled or transition type components complete with flanges, holes, relief, and corner options. You can validate designs for manufacturing, document the bend sequence and send flat patter DXF files directly to production.

Massive Assembly Optimization

Efficient display management tools, such as configurations and design zones, help you focus on relevant parts and tasks; this is ideal for concurrent design. Modeling performance receives a significant boost from an inactive lightweight mode that frees memory of unused data. Support for 64-bit computers lets you open and work with your largest designs faster and more efficiently. Manage designs from 1 to 100,000 parts with Solid Edge.

World Class Drafting

Drawings are the key deliverable for many companies, and Solid Edge focuses on helping you decrease costs by reducing drawing production time. Dimension retrieval and automatic parts lists with balloons speed detailing time. Drawings are always kept up to date by alerting users of any change in the referenced 3D model. Unmatched parts list configurability enables accurate communication throughout the design process.

Pipe Routing

Solid Edge XpresRoute eases the design of mechanical routed systems. Designers can specify attributes such as size, extents and end treatments via simple dialog boxes. For piping systems, 3D pipes, fittings and components are automatically positioned and correctly oriented upon population. All components are fully associative and update with the parts to which they are connected. When the assembly model is modified, pipes and tubes automatically adapt to design changes.

Synchronous Modeling

Model scaling: Models can be scaled up or down, uniformly or non-uniformly, in preparation for conceptual prototype design and 3D printing, and accounting for shrinkage in molddesign.

Free hand sketching (Draw command): Mobile design is advanced via the introduction of Microsoft Inking technology for freehand sketching within the Solid Edge Draw command. When working with a Surface device, pen strokes are converted to analytical sketches on the fly, truly making the tablet a “digital napkin.”

3D sketch Improvements: Now all 3D sketch curves can be split at specified key points with automatically generated relationships.And, routing lines are defined by and behave as 3D sketch curves created between all types of key points. This makes routes available in all design environments, with display properties common to curves.

Reverse Engineering

Many teams design products utilizing components imported from other CAD systems. With the rapid growth of high-resolution 3D scanners, even legacy parts designed on the drawing board can be digitally represented and modified to suit contemporary designs without complete reconstruction. Solid Edge delivers tools that speed your reverse engineering workflows.

• Mesh cleanup tools help to obtain bodies more conducive to modification and eventually downstream manufacturing. Delete unwanted meshes, and even repair defects such as gaps and holes.
• Region identification commands analyze triangular mesh regions and categorize them as traditional entities such as planes, cylinders, spheres and b-spline surfaces.
•Surface extraction techniques assist in converting identified mesh regions into faces that can be manipulated via Solid Edge’s powerful surface design tools.

Technical Publications

Solid Edge ST10 enables fast publication of manufacturing and assembly instructions,training manuals, spec sheets and more. Solid Edge Illustrations software creates illustration sets directly from Solid Edge geometry and product and manufacturing (PMI) annotations, while Solid Edge 3D Publishing generates customizable, multi-page documents. The interoperability between these tools allows seamless creation of step-by-step process instructions from exploded views and multiple product configurations ‒ even permitting use  of multiple 3D models in a single document. Edits to Solid Edge models can automatically propagate to the publications.

Solid Edge Simulation

Solid Edge Simulation is an easy-to-use, built-in finite element analysis (FEA) tool for design engineers to digitally validate part and assembly designs within the Solid Edge environment.

Based on proven Femap finite element modelling and NX Nastran solver technology,Solid Edge Simulation significantly reduces the need for physical prototypes,which lowers your material and testing costs, and saves design time.

FloEFD - Flow Simulation

Solid Edge Flow Simulation is the only front loading computational fluid dynamics(CFD) analysis tool that is fully embedded in Solid Edge.

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Solid Edge Brochure

Self Paced Online Training

Enhance your skills with our NEW self paced Solid Edge and NX online training courses.

Learn how to utilize Solid Edge to design production level parametric (ordered) models of parts, synchronous models of parts, assemblies, detail drawings. Become familiar with the Solid Edge user interface, adding features, sketching tools and various modeling techniques. Learn how to utilize Solid Edge Sheet Metal to design production level parametric (ordered) models of sheet metal parts, and synchronous models of sheet metal parts.

Learn More

This course is designed to teach synchronous modeling to existing users of Solid Edge’s ordered or traditional modeling. Learn how to construct and edit models in the synchronous paradigm. Also learn how to use integrated models (synchronous and ordered features together in the same part model). This course includes Synchronous Sheet Metal. We offer Synchronous Technology solo.

Learn More

Students will have learned how to utilize Solid Edge to design production level parametric (ordered) models of parts, synchronous models of parts, assemblies, detail drawings. They will also be familiar with the Solid Edge user interface, adding features, sketching tools and various modeling techniques. This course does not cover sheet metal modeling.

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Learn more about how Simcenter integrates with Solid edge for full flow simulation capabilities

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