The Advantages of Print for Manufacture

Why Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing enables companies to achieve completely new levels of product performance, manufacturing effectiveness and business results.

New software, hardware and material technologies have emerged to completely change the way the products are designed and manufactured.

Additive manufacturing is one of the revolutionary technologies that can transform production operations and business models.

What’s limiting your customers’ business potential?

Additive Manufacturing is driving Innovation

Barriers to industrializing additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AD) A revolutionary technology that is going to change our economy by allowing individuals to turn their ideas into objects.

The technology is here for 30 years, but today it becomes more and more accessible due to improved technology , more affordable machines,  better software and development in the material science.

3D printing has several advantages compared to traditional manufacturing techniques:

  1. Using AM you can now break away barriers in design – You can create different structures that were impossible to build using traditional manufacturing and achieve lighter and better performance products. Using Traditional manufacturing techniques it is hard to make complex products. Usually, complex products are composed of multiple parts, that were manufactured separately, and then assembled. In contrast, AM allows us to create complex objects that come out of the printer self-assembled.
  2. Digitization - 3D printers create products from digital files. A digital file can be shipped electronically, downloaded, and printed locally. It eliminates the cost, financial, temporal and environmental of shipping of physical product. Since you can print it on the spot there is no need to keep large inventories. Therefore you reduce the production cost and time to market.
  3. AM is a very sustainable manufacturing approach. It produces very little material waste. Thus the material costs of AM are quite low.

“But there are limitations when trying to take advantage of additive. We all know that new technology comes with hurdles and roadblocks to overcome.  In the case of Additive Manufacturing there are independent applications that don’t work together, file formats that need to be merged - and industrialization needed to bring additive manufacturing into a production process.

In atypical AM process flow, each step uses a different software application that requires the model to be converted into a different file format. This causes information to be lost and takes up extra valuable time. Imagine how time-consuming it would be to try to make and manage frequent design changes in this environment. It would be sheer impossible.”    

The importance of an integrated End-to-End software solution

Siemens is fully committed to deliver this industrial-strength additive solution and provide our customers the complete end-to-end process that eliminates data conversion between each of step of the process so you can re-imagine your product designs, print products and rethink your business. Siemens is offering a powerful set of new additive tools fully integrated into NX – our integrated software solution for product development including Product design,Engineering, Additive Manufacturing and Subtractive Manufacturing.

Challenges:Advantage of Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing breaks through this limitation by providing the next generation of XYZ, so you can deliver innovation faster


-         Weight reduction - From where it all started….

-         Mass customized parts - Quick, accurate, and cost effective mass customization

-         Eliminate the need for tooling - and the design constraints

Topology optimization / Generative design:

-         Intuitive Integration into the NX Design and Solid Edge Environment

-         Fast generation of smooth design proposals that may be used in the engineering process

-         Multiple load cases

-         Optimized model can be refined with Convergent Modeling


-         Lightweight components and structural integrity

-         Integrated lattice structure development

-         Complex geometry represented as facets

-         This light weighting can be achieved by replacing sections of the part with lattice structures

Convergent Modeling™ Technology:

-         Work directly with facets (stl, 3mf, obj) surfaces and solids

-         Unlimited flexibility to design innovative products

-         No need for reverse engineering or recreating surfaces

Design rules / Checking tools

-         Validating designs for 3D printing is a key step in the process that can eliminate cost design of parts for additive manufacturing

-         These tool help designers know if a model can be printed long before it is released to manufacturing, saving time and improving efficiency

Solution: Additive Manufacturing limitless agility

Additive Manufacturing breaks through design and manufacturing limitation by providing the next generation of XYZ, so you can deliver innovation faster

-         Eliminate tooling

-         Speed up production

-         Create low-cost fixtures

-         Simplify assembly process and reduce supply chains

-         Save costs in production and service as well as print on demand

-         1st product cost  = 100th product cost

-         Mass Customization vs. Mass Production

-         On average consumes 90% less material

The HP Multi Jet Fusion technology delivers advantages in build speed and control over part and material properties. By jetting functional agents using print heads, each layer of a part is defined by an area that is fused (or transformed) surrounded by infused powder, so material in the working area can be fused with energy, detailed, and transformed point-by-point. NX can drive the latest HP jet fusion 3D printers,which can significantly speed up the production of high-quality functional parts.

This technology enables manufacturers to:

•       Produce functional parts with high dimensional accuracy and optimal mechanical properties,

•       Print parts 10 times faster that other 3D printing methods,

•       Reduce costs, allowing short-run manufacturing.


CFF is an augmented FFF process that works in addition to an FFF printer to lay continuous fiber in a part. In this process,a printer utilizes a second nozzle to lay continuous strands of composite fibers inside a convention FFF thermoplastic parts. Parts built with the CFF/FFF process are strong and stiff due to their reinforcing fibers.

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