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What is Product Lifecycle Management?

As defined by CIMdata, "PLM is not a definition of a piece, or pieces, of technology. It is a definition of a business approach to solving the problem of managing the complete set of product definition information—creating that information, managing it through its life, and disseminating and using it throughout the lifecycle of the product.

What is Teamcenter?


Teamcenter is the world's most widely used PLM solution. For manufacturing companies who need to deliver increasingly complex products while maximizing productivity and streamlining global operations, Teamcenter helps increase revenue, get to market faster, reduce costs and improve product quality. Teamcenter simplifies PLM with targeted applications available to do what customers need when they need it. Platform capabilities get customers up and running quickly with a high definition user experience to inform decision-making anytime, anywhere. Applications are built on the PLM platform to help customers grow their deployment strategically over time.

The Benefits of Teamcenter

The Path to PLM

Starting with PLM

In the beginning: For most of our customers, the first step on the PLM path is to take control of your product data and processes. Manage and share mechanical, electronics, software and simulation data, as well as documents and bills of materials (BOMs) in a single environment. Use standardized workflows and change processes to streamline your organization.

Modules and Benefits:

Engineering Process Management


Teamcenter’s engineering process management solution allows you to integrate your global engineering teams by bringing together the product designs from all your sites within a single product data management (PDM) system. You can capture, manage and synchronize product design data, then automate your engineering change, validation and approval processes.


• Tightly integrate globally-dispersed, multiple design teams, enabling you to synchronize design data frequently

•  Improve engineering productivity by eliminating time-consuming searches for information

•  Classify and quickly retrieve existing parts for re-use

•  Enable innovation with the ability to evaluate more design ideas

•  Reduce cycle time and cost through the ability to work in a multi-CAD environment and eliminate CAD translation cost

•  Faster design reviews through the ability to see design changes continuously


Content and Document Management:


The Teamcenter capabilities for content and document management bring the authoring process into the same PLM environment that manages the overall product development process. Whether you are creating simple, but important, business documents or generating complex service manuals, authors can stay in-sync with product content and changes, so you can produce more accurate and higher quality documents while remaining on-schedule and on-budget.


• Embed PLM functions within Microsoft Office applications

• Manage structured SGML/XML content

• Manage and view graphic content

• Manage content translation

• Link documentation components to product content, graphics and translations

• Publish multiple versions of documentation

• Use advanced content authoring tool

• Utilize Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)

• Comply with S1000D standard

• Author 2D and 3D part catalogs

Bill of Materials Management:


The Teamcenter bill of materials management solution allows you to manage your complete BOM in a single environment - from simple structures to complex product definitions. A single source of BOM information and the tools to analyze that information ensures accuracy and completeness for all stakeholders. You can eliminate the need to maintain, combine and verify all the various pieces of BOM information historically stored in separate systems, databases, and spreadsheets.


• Reduce complexity by eliminating the need for multiple BOM systems

• Ensure accuracy and completeness for all stakeholders

• Provide clarity to every stakeholder with accurate information and BOM analysis capabilities

• Improve product success by handling more options without additional effort, offering more product variety, being more flexible to customer needs, and quickly refreshing products

• Cut development costs with increased re-use, improved BOM accuracy, and reduced cycle times

• Improve productivity with tailored visibility to clear, current, and accurate BOM information

• Reduce errors and rework by bridging the gap between design and delivery

Cut warranty and claims cost with as-built capabilities

• Reduce time and errors by coordinating essential BOM information with other key business processes

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management:


Teamcenter allows your company to connect its strategic product portfolio plans to project and program management for detailed operational execution. Teamcenter’s portfolio management solution maximizes your R&D investment returns by continuously governing the selection of the right mix of investments. By looking at R&D as a whole, Teamcenter defines a product portfolio management strategy that guides your overall priorities and planning.


• Improve productivity with a baseline for continuous improvement

• Prioritize resources and investments to drive innovation

• Make better decisions to select and manage future programs

• Reduce the time and effort required to build and reforecast budgets

• Coordinate and drive interrelated activities according to goals, gates, timelines and targets

• Align program and project execution with strategic needs of company

• Streamline activities throughout the product lifecycle


Extending the PLM footprint:

After a Solid foundation is adopted: take a look at related domains and processes. Manage requirements. Include suppliers. Connect engineering with manufacturing and service. Extend the value of PLM across the product lifecycle.

Requirements Management


By helping you understand and evaluate voice of the customer requirements across every stage of your product lifecycle, Teamcenter requirements management software allows you to understand what your target markets and customers want in terms of documented expectations, preferences, standards and regulations.


• Deliver products that meet customer needs

• Hit revenue and performance targets

• Capitalize on market opportunities

• Achieve customer satisfaction

• Improve productivity and quality

• Ensure regulatory and contractual compliance

• Leverage existing software investments and expertise

• Minimize risk

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul:


The Teamcenter approach of “configuration-driven MRO software” bridges the gap between the engineering, manufacturing, logistics and maintenance communities to help drive more efficient services. Through service data management (SDM), Teamcenter establishes a single, secure source of service, asset, and process knowledge that supports the full product lifecycle for organizations that must cover the entire lifecycle or just the service portion of it. SDM provides the common basis for MRO process management solutions that improve service operations through a single definition of asset configuration and status. Streamlining MRO within the product lifecycle management (PLM) environment, Teamcenter delivers leaner operations and improved asset performance, while closing the loop between product engineering, manufacturing and services to improve products and services.


• Closely track and manage MRO activities

• Establish standards of service to reduce costs and improve quotes

• Establish service plans for proactive maintenance operation

• Focus and manage MRO operations

•Optimize maintenance resource use

• Efficiently execute lean support operations, in-house or outsourced

• Manage the parts, tools and equipment required for support operations

• Measure operational metrics to identify issues and opportunities for improvement and support of PBL and SLA contracts

• Create and manage logistics support data

• Improve first -time fix rates, asset availability and reliability

• Capture and provide product improvement input to close the service – engineering feedback loop

Supplier Integration


The Teamcenter supplier integration solution integrates the extended enterprise and suppliers (and associated information) across all stages of your product development process.


• Increase productivity and innovation by extending PLM processes and information across the supply chain

• Lower supply chain costs

• Reduce cycle time for faster time-to-market

• Improve supplier quality and lower supplier risk

• Leverage enterprise spend to enable better decision making

Long-Term PLM Modules:

Finally, PLM can help you take your business to the next level. Apply transformational solutions to your product lifecycle for a profound business impact. Drive your product cost, quality and sustainability initiatives. Establish a systems-driven approach to product development.

Teamcenter Quality Management:


The Teamcenter solution for corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) provides an enterprise-wide product quality management solution for capturing various forms of complaints, defects and non-conformances. Using Teamcenter for quality management, you can:


• Follow a formal process to systematically investigate, analyze and resolve quality issues

• Streamline the definition of measures to prevent future re-occurrences

• Report the results in a simple, intuitive manner


• Reduce manual effort by automating your business processes

• Improve problem resolution speed with increased executive visibility

• Improve closure results to mitigate the risk of rework on repeat issues

• Make smarter decisions with knowledge re-use

• Gain insight through full traceability

• Demonstrate compliance to standards

• Utilize your PLM investment

• Reduce information technology (IT) investment by eliminating the need for other CAPA systems

Teamcenter Cost Management:


Teamcenter solutions for product cost management provide you with a unique opportunity to create a unified product lifecycle costing strategy. Teamcenter not only touches all areas of the product lifecycle, but it can also offer product cost analysis and estimation at a much deeper level where the product “DNA” is captured and re-used as a corporate asset for competitive advantage. You can close the loop for continuous improvement, value engineering and the best practice of rolling NPI forecasts with improved product cost management.


• Gain greater return on your PLM system with integrated cost engineering tools

• Ensure product profitability and positive ROI

• Optimize cost of in-house manufactured and purchased parts (value engineering)

• Reliably calculate quotes with a high confidence on margins

• Optimize purchase prices through knowledge-based cost structure analysis

• Intelligently guide cost discussions with customers and suppliers



Sustainability Management and Environmental Compliance  :


Teamcenter manages material and substance information to provide traceability and aggregation of materials and substances across a product bill of materials (BOM), allowing you to control the material makeup of your products to limit the use of hazardous substances. You can also determine the effect of a substance regulation on a product early in the lifecycle, and understand its impact on your bottom line. Teamcenter reduces the costs associated with collecting and managing the vast amount of environmental data required to establish and document the compliance of complex products, down to the substance level. You can use Teamcenter as the single source of approved materials for your company, so you can leverage the materials throughout the Teamcenter portfolio of PLM applications.


• Intelligently integrate material and substance information to create a single source of accurate and compliant data that can be used across Siemens PLM Software solutions

• Minimize risk of significant fines, restricted market access and damage to brands by identifying, tracking and reporting substances of concern that are used in a product

• Reduce errors and rework costs by automating the exchange of material and substance declarations with suppliers

• Teamcenter supports DfE initiatives


Systems Engineering:


Teamcenter systems engineering software provides a unique, model-driven environment that you can use to apply systems engineering concepts to product development. An integrated, cross-domain solution, Teamcenter links systems modeling, system architecture, system simulation and requirements management with the rest of your company’s product and process knowledge, enabling you to understand your products as cross-domain systems.


• Optimize the trade-offs that must be made throughout a decision-intensive product lifecycle

• Understand your products as cross-domain systems

• Enable commonization and re-use

• Improve productivity and quality

• Ensure regulatory and contractual compliance

• Avoid expensive problems late in the lifecycle

• Utilize existing software investments and expertise

• Minimize risk




Teamcenter Implementations

Successful deployment of PLM involves working with an experienced team that understands the needs of industry along with a solid technical background of the tools that are being implemented. Designfusion’s PLM team has worked on implementations as small as a couple of seats to some of the world’s largest PLM implementations. From this experience we understand the diverse needs of the market and have tailored our offerings to our customers demands.


All implementation services use our proven implementation methodology to ensure success in meeting your needs.

teamcenter implementation process

Full PLM implementations typically involve the many functional groups in your company, the need to manage the Internal Change can be as important as the design of the solution. For this reason Designfusion puts together a project team of Project Managers, Solutions Architects, Subject Matter Experts, Developers and IT professionals. Our team will work with your group to manage the implementations, customizations and extensions to ensure the solution meets your needs. A phased approach can be developed that makes sure that you see Time to Value, as well as manage cultural change.


PLM implementations encompass:



• Compliance Management

• ERP integrations

• Requirements Management

• Schedule Management

• Enterprise Change Management

• Manufacturing Process Planning


• Document Management

• Visualization (PDF and JT)

• Multiple Sites

• Teamcenter extensions and customizations

• Multiple BOMs


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