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What is KeyShot?

KeyShot is a standalone 3D rendering and animation application developed for designers and engineers. Using existing CAD models you can create photo-realistic 3D data in minutes.


The Benefits of KeyShot

KeyShot Key Capabilities

Real World Lighting

Drag and drop lighting environments to see the change in shadow, highlight and reflection immediately. All of the environmental lights inside KeyShot can accurately simulate differences in brightness from a simple LED all the way up to the intensity of the sun and cast shadows accordingly.

KeyShot Lighting

Scientifically Accurate Materials

All KeyShot materials are scientifically accurate and have physical properties based on real world materials. The material types contain only the properties necessary for creating that specific type.

Scientifically Accurate Materials


KeyShot is 100% CPU-Powered meaning you won’t need any special hardware or graphics card to run the software. Taking full advantage of all cores and threads inside a computer, as your computer gets more powerful, so does KeyShot. Easily and cost effectively scale your system to meet your need.

CPU Powered

Easily Add Logos

Labels are designed for easy placement of logos, stickers or images that need to be placed freely onto a 3D model. Common image formats are supported such as jpg, tiff, tga, and png. Multiple labels can be added to a material and each label has its own mapping type.


CAD Integration

KeyShot integrates with both Solid Edge and  NX. You can import your data to KeyShot for rendering, extend KeyShot functionality to your 3D CAD system, or even establish live linking between KeyShot and your CAD software.

Companies Using KeyShot:

Companies using KeyShot

Companies using KeyShot by Luxion Inc.

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Designfusion is the largest dedicated solution provider of Siemens PLM software in North America. With an expert support team and a decade of history in the industry designfusion is the #1 choice for companies looking to best enhance their software acquisition.

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