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What is iMachining?

iMachining for NX provides an integrated machining solution for Siemens NX CAM. iMachining is an intelligent high speed milling technology, designed to produce fast and safe CNC programs to machine your mechanical parts with first part success performance.


The Benefits of iMachining

Key Capabilites

iMachining tool paths


iMachining generates morphing spiral tool paths, which spiral either outwardly from some central point of a walled area, gradually adopting the form of and nearing the contour of the outside walls, or inwardly from an outside contour of an open area to some central point or inner contour of an island. In this way, iMachining manages to cut irregularly shaped areas with a single continuous spiral.


iMachining uses proprietary constant load one-way tool paths to machine narrow passages, separating channels and tight corners.


In some open areas, where the shape is too irregular to completely remove with a single spiral, proprietary topology analysis algorithms and channels are used to subdivide the area into a few large irregularly shaped sub-areas and then machines each of them by a suitable morphing spiral, achieving over 80% of the volume being machined by spiral tool paths. Since spiral tool paths have between 50% and 100% higher Material Removal Rate (MRR) than one-way tool paths, and since iMachining has the only tool path in the industry that maintains a constant load on the tool, it achieves the highest MRR in the industry.









iMachining Technology Wizard


A significant part of the iMachining system is devoted to calculating synchronized values of feed rate, spindle speed, axial depth of cut, cutting angles and (undeformed) chip thickness based on the mechanical properties of the workpiece and tool while also keeping within the boundaries of the machine capabilities (maximum feeds and spindle speed, power and rigidity).


The iMachining Technology Wizard, which is responsible for these calculations, provides the user with the means of selecting the level of machining aggressiveness most suitable to the specific machine and set up conditions and to their production requirements (quantity, schedule and tooling costs).


An additional critical task performed by the Technology Wizard is dynamically adjusting the feed to compensate for the dynamically varying cutting angle – a bi-product of the morphing spiral, thus achieving a constant load on the tool, which maximizes tool life.



iMachining 2D


This milling operation subtype efficiently performs the rough, rest and finish machining of prismatic parts and features. It can be used to machine similar geometry types that are machined with the native NX Volume Based 2.5D Milling and Planar Milling operations.


Besides a reduction in programming time with its knowledge-based Technology Wizard, iMachining 2D can save up to 70% in machining time.




iMachining 3D


This milling operation subtype efficiently performs the roughing, rest machining and semi-finishing of molds, complex 3D parts and 3D prismatic parts. It can be used to machine similar geometry types that are machined with the native NX Cavity Milling and Z-Level Milling operations.


Besides a reduction in programming time with the knowledge-based Technology Wizard of iMachining 2D, iMachining 3D can save up to 90% in machining time.






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