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Dynamic Designer

What is Dynamic Designer?

Dynamic Designer is a kinematic and dynamic simulation program that allows users to test the functional performance of their Solid Edge design, so that it may validated early in the design process, before physical testing.  Dynamic Designer helps answer the questions; Will it work? Will it function? It also provides FEA boundary conditions to help understand; Will it break?


• 100% Embedded inside Solid Edge

• Easy to Use

• Powerful and proven simulation engine  (MSC.ADAMS)



The Benefits of Dynamic Designer

Dynamic Designer Key Capabilities

Full associativity to Solid Edge model


When creating the Dynamic Designer motion model, a User has the option of automatically converting the Solid Edge assembly relationships into equivalent kinematic motion constraints. This helps saves time in defining the motion model.  Material property information is also automatically transferred.  Geometry changes made to the Solid Edge assembly automatically update in Dynamic Designer, making it fast and easy to investigate the effect of changes to the functional behavior of the design.

Automatically transfer dynamic motion loads to Solid Edge Simulation


Automatically calculating and transferring these loads means that the User can more accurately apply the correct type, value, and direction for the loads, thus improving the ability to obtain good stress and deflection analysis results from a Solid Edge FEA study.

Real-world mock up


Add real-world features to your Dynamic Designer model, such as springs, motors, actuators, forces, contact and friction.

Access to wide array of engineering data


Output data such as displacement, velocity, acceleration and force. Create profile trajectories of motion  paths and add display vectors for a good visual understanding of simulation results.  Output AVI videos  of animations.

API access


Using Visual Basic (Microsoft Excel), create customized dialog boxes and program routines to tailor Dynamic Designer to your needs.



Study gear backlash, contact and friction effects. Iterate and analyze linkage layouts.  Size motors and actuators. Reverse-determiner cam profiles.  Determine mechanical advantage.

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