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QuadriSpace - Technical docs simplified

John Pearson - Thursday, September 17, 2015

It’s always been a tedious task to generate technical documents for any product. Often you’ll have to save numerous images or screen captures. You may even take digital pictures. Then you have to insert these into Word, Publisher, or some similar editing software, and try to blend the images and text into a usable technical document.

Over my many years in the industry, I’ve seen numerous approaches taken to generate some very specific and necessary documentation. There are packages out there that claim to do a lot of this work for you, but some require an additional seat of CAD software, for your documentation department. Others organize the process but don’t really simplify it. For the last few years, Designfusion has been looking for easy to use, affordable, interactive documentation software, to meet our customer’s needs. QuadriSpace seems to meet everything that we’ve been looking for in documentation software.


I’m particularly impressed with their Pages3D Professional product which combines illustration capabilities, using an embedded Solid Edge 3D model, with a powerful text editor for easy and rapid creation of technical documents. The added bonus is that your technical writers do not need a seat of Solid Edge to utilize the Solid Edge model. They just import the Solid Edge model, with its metadata, and they have the capability to rotate the model, create multiple views, create exploded views, section views and parts lists. You can even capture a technical document format into a custom template, allowing for rapid generation of documents, whose only difference is the model itself.


Users will have the ability to easily produce:


3D Work Instructions - Create work instructions packets and deliver to the shop floor. Includes support for printed, interactive 3D document authoring.


Illustrated Parts Catalogs - Design multiple-page illustrated parts catalogs complete with parts lists, balloons, exploded views, text, tables, images and 3D models.


Other Product Documents - Easily produce product manuals, service documentation, field instructions, inspection procedures, marketing materials and more.


Furthermore, these documents can be printed or delivered as interactive 3D documents. You can view 3D PDF documents with Adobe Reader, without plugins.


Never being one to trust the marketing material, I had to try it out for myself. I viewed the training material provide to me from QuadriSpace. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen better training material, but this is something that we can improve upon for our customer base. After going over the training material I opened the Pages3D and was able to easily import one of my Solid Edge training assemblies. Within minutes I was able to create an exploded view and generate an interactive parts list, as shown below.



Although I am not yet an expert, I’m very impressed with the ease at which customers will be able to utilize existing CAD models to rapidly generate all kinds of related documents. If you have to generate any technical documents for your CAD models, this package is worth a look. It’s relatively easy to learn, it’s easy to use, and it’s affordable. The most expensive single seat module is less than half the price of a seat of Solid Edge Foundation.


Designfusion has been so impressed with this software; we have become an authorized reseller for QuadriSpace. So if you would like to learn more, or would like to see a demo, contact your Account Rep. or contact us at [email protected]

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