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New – Standalone Advanced Draft Course

John Pearson - Thursday, July 07, 2016


As Solid Edge’s capabilities expand, so too must we expand our ability to utilize the latest capabilities. With this in mind we have created a new, standalone advanced draft course. We use to teach advanced draft capabilities as part of the advanced modeling course. However, we felt that it wasn’t doing the topic justice. So we have created a 2-day course focused on the Solid Edge Draft environment.


This new course builds on the draft training from the fundamentals course. It takes the user to new and deeper levels of knowledge and expands their capabilities. Upon completion, students will be able to create, and manipulate, draft templates. They will also have a greater understanding of how to manage and manipulate the views, dimensions, annotations, styles, and tables, in the Draft environment. The course content includes:


Day 1


Module 1: Draft Templates 

– Draft Templates

  • Global Settings

  • Background Sheet

  • Boundaries, Title Blocks, and Logos

  • Callouts

  • Working Sheet

  • Saving the template

  •        • Template locations


Module 2: Advanced View Control 

– Advanced View Control

  • DV Wizard saved settings

  • Rapid population of draft template

  • Draft Quality drawing views

  • Drawing View Display Depths

  • Locking a drawing view

  • Modify a drawing view cropping boundary

  • Advanced Detail View option

  • View Alignment of Break Lines

  • Drawing View Styles


Module 3: Advanced View Editing 

– Advanced View Editing

  - View Activation

  - View properties

  - Track Dimension Changes

  - Drawing View Tracker

  - Force Drawing Views to Update


Module 4: Advanced Dimensions 

– Advanced Dimensions

  • Smart Dimension Hot Keys

  • Coordinate Dimension options

  • Symmetric Dimensions

  • Attach Dimensions

  • Add Jogs to Dimension

  • Insert a vertex in a leader

  • Dimension Styles

  • Copy Attributes



Day 2


Module 5: Advanced Annotations 

– Advanced Annotations

  • Advanced control over center lines and center marks

  • Stacked Balloons

  • Special Symbols

  • Reference Text

  • Technical Text note

  • Format Code

  • Annotation Alignment Shape



Module 6: Parts List and Tables 

– Parts List and Tables

  • Parts List Properties in detail

  • Tables Styles

  • Pull Assembly or Model Out of Assembly Context

  • Hole Table

  • FOP Tables

  • User-defined Tables



Module 7: Automated Draft Tools 

– Automated Draft Tools

  • Dimension Alignment

  • Dimension Automatic Arrangement

  • Automatic Centerlines

  • Perspective Views

  • QuickSheet Template

  • Sheet Compare

  • Batch Printing


Module 8: Miscellaneous Tools 

- Layers

  - Blocks

  - Symbols

  - Revision Manager


This advanced knowledge will allow the student to improve on both qualities of, and efficiency in, their draft documents.It significantly advances the capabilities in creating and modifying draft documents, and has been professionally designed to maximize return on investment.


This course, which is unique to Designfusion, adds to our list of courses already offered by our professional trainers. For a complete list of our courses, please visit our technical training page at, For our training schedule, please visit our events page at,


For more information and quotes, contact your Account Manager, or contact us at [email protected].


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