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How to Create a Rod That Has Bends in Two Directions

Cory Goulden - Monday, March 31, 2014

I have received a few calls lately regarding this subject so I thought I would provide a walk-through on how to make something like the drawing below. This will be one of the rare times I prefer to model in Ordered.

The first step is to understand that we will have to let the 3D system do most of the work for us. We will, like all good trouble-shooters, work out what we know. On one plane create a sketch of the top profile. Then on the corresponding plane create a sketch of the side profile.

Once this is complete we will use some surfacing tools for the second step. Go to the “Surfacing” tab and select the “Extruded” command in the “Surfaces” group.

Once the command is selected ensure the option to “Select from sketch” is selected. We then will need to select one of the earlier selected sketches. Once selected we will ten need to extrude the surface. The extend distance need to be further than the entire profile for the other sketch.

Do the same procedure for an extruded surface from the second sketch. Be sure both surfaces overlap each other after they are completed. You can always go back and adjust any extents after.
Once complete you should have the result similar to what is illustrated below. (I have hidden the sketches for clarity)

From here we will go back to the Surfacing tab and use the “Intersection” command under the “Curves” group.

This command asks us to select the 2 elements. Firstly select one of the surfaces and accept. Next step is to select the second surface and accept.

You will now have a 3D path that you can use for a lofted protrusion.

You can use another command called “Cross Curve” to accomplish the same thing but to understand the concept and break it down a bit I chose to illustrate this methodology. Feel free to use the Command finder for further information.

Once you have created a Lofted Protrusion using this curve as a path you will end up with this;

We have created 2 extruded surfaces, used Solid Edge to create an intersection curve, and then used that curve for a lofted protrusion.


I hope this has been useful and Happy Edging!

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