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How to control accurately the dimensions and corners of a frame (Assembly environment – Frame environment)

Frederic Menage - Tuesday, March 22, 2016



The frame command is a great time saver when we have to design metallic structures (assembly of standard channels). But we have to know how to efficiently control the location of the cross sections as well as the extremities (corners).


Additional wireframe to control all frame dimensions

Sometimes, we want to offset a cross section to obtain a better alignment but no keypoint on the cross section lets us access the correct location relative to the wireframe. For this reason, it is sometimes required (especially when there are angular members) that we build additional wireframe (in a sketch typically) in order to locate cross sections.



Trimming/extending using other frame members requires several frame features

When we need a good contact between frame member faces, we sometimes need to use the extend/trim option at some extremities. The user should know that trimming/extending using other frame members is only possible if the extrusions belong to different frame features. Also, the ‘auto’ method as well as a quickpick selection of the target face should be used in such a situation.



The Frame command is a complex command that requires some practice. Selection methods are slightly different than your typical Solid Edge command. Also, there are lots of sub-options to discover. Once all this is clarified, you will have no problem designing your frames with ease in a timely manner.


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