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HELP !!!!!!!

Cory Goulden - Thursday, February 06, 2014



Need help with something?? Having trouble with a difficult question?




Many users try their best to stay current and up-to-date with information regarding Solid Edge – especially nowadays in this tech-savvy environment.  There are many ways where you can get help in resolving different problems, questions, concerns and even ways to request changes to the software by logging an enhancement request or two.


First and foremost, your first option being our amazing DF technical support can be reached from:


•    Calling our tech support line at 1-877-215-1883 or
•    Zendesk (on-line help ticketing system) at
•    And of course, because you are reading this, our blog page at


In addition to these resources, information and technical assistance can be found from some other places.  I will list some below. 


Many people have asked me how to acquire certain information about the different software packages from Siemens.  The most typical question being;


1)    How can I be kept in the loop for any notifications about maintenance packages for Solid Edge?  

•    Below is an example of what you will receive.  This is the actual notification for ST6 MP4


To subscribe to this service or any other you may find of interest please go to the following link:
The following link provides a great tool to service this exact need mentioned.  The many features of this link include:


•    A function that allows you to subscribe to mailing lists and be sent the information as it becomes available.
•     A feature that allows you to subscribe to “Software Field Bulletins” or SFB’s and to receive notifications regarding whatever topics you select.  
•    There is a filtering option to ensure you are getting only the subjects that are pertinent.  
•    You can subscribe to a summary that will list those as a weekly summary if preferred.  
•    There is also a newsletter that contains articles written by the global support staff that you can subscribe to.


One other nice thing is that if you no longer wish to receive these messages there are very clear instructions about unsubscribing.


From there you have links on the side of the page as well for information regarding questions that may have already been asked to GTAC called “Solution Center”, license management, documentation, download link (for Maintenance Packs and full product releases), and link to help with WebKeys (create new, forgot passwords, or to update information.



Of course we, at Designfusion, are always happy to help and are here for you when you need us.
Happy Edging!


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