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Common Mistakes made by novice, or self-taught users – Part 3 of 3

Cory Goulden - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The area of major concern I see (and coincidentally usually by users that are self-taught) is that the user will rely on the tutorials to learn how to create models and drawings. There is more to 3D models though as models interact with each other.


A model is not just a shape. There are inter-dependencies that exist between the drawing and the model, that model and any assembly that may contain this model, and more advanced methods of creating links associatively.


Once this is understood ask yourself “What would happen if I used Windows Explorer and dragged something to a different folder?” Well, the part would be relocated. If that is what you wanted to do congratulations…or is it? I thought we were also concerned with these interdependencies? New users need to know how to properly accomplish common tasks so I will discuss this in this segment.


Also we have a 3D model. A picture is worth a thousand words right? Well maybe sharing a drawing is worth a thousand words but what is a 3D model worth? Maybe we can also share this information a lot easier than you might have thought.


There is an App for That

Solid Edge comes with an application called Revision Manager. This program is located under All Programs>Solid Edge ST6> and it is a component of a program called “View and Markup”. Under this program you can open files in two ways. We will look at Revision manager.


Revision Manager will open a file so you can see the tree structure that any model file has. This is the preferred method to relocate files, repair links, rename file, and so on. Below is an example of what you might see. From there you can RMB on a part and select the action you would like to perform. This tool can not only do simple tasks but it has some advanced functions as well.




First point covered. Please use Revision Manager and save yourself the anguish of breaking links all the time and becoming frustrated, relocating files and getting errors about “File cannot be found” and so on. This subject is an imperative one that is covered in Fundamentals training. If you missed it or forgot about it now might be a good time for review.


All In One

So we have made a change to the file using Revision Manager, now you would like to open it up in Solid Edge. Sometimes, I see even experienced users make this mistake, they will close Revision Manager and open SE and then re-open the file. No Need. In the image above you will notice an icon that has the name “Editor”. If you were to hit this button the model you have open in Revision Manager will open in SE. Pretty handy command.




Now you save the time and clicks of closing and opening another application, browsing to the file and waiting for it to reload.


It Is Always Polite To Share

Another thing you can do is send a lightweight version of this file to someone to view who does not have Solid Edge. How you say? The icon next to “Editor” states “View and Markup”. I will give you one guess what it does. When you hit this button, the View and Markup environment opens. I am only going to cover a very brief overview. If you would like to know more try to attend one of Designfusion’s Productivity Summits.




Here you will get a view of your model. Markups, notes, and even the ability to email to another person can be done. If an email is sent, using “Send to Mail Recipient” the link to download the Xpresreview program for free will be included in the body of the email. Yup I said FREE! It will also be a unique file format that should be allowed through most email filters. The file size is also reduced.




So in summary there might be a few items you may want to review. Mind you these subjects are covered in our Fundamentals course. A few snags you may commonly run into if you are trying to learn on your own that cost time and energy. Hopefully I have offered something of value.


Happy Edging!

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