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Alma Act/Cut:

What is Act/Cut 2D?

The Alma suite is a complete CAM solution for Sheetmetal fabrication. Covering all aspects of manufacturing from Nesting through to Cutting and punching. Alma allows for automated or interactive operation and takes into account the specific needs of each individual machine.  It’s industry leading capabilities enable our customers decrease prep time and reduce material wastage.


The Benefits of Act/Cut 2D


Act/Cut 2D Key Capabilities


act/cut’s nesting performances enable companies to optimize their material usage. Numerous nesting strategies, including part positioning control constraints (symmetry and rotation) operate in either full-automatic or full-interactive mode. The automatic anti-collision function takes various tools, works areas and clamps into account.

CAM Nesting

Tool Path Optimization

act/cut’s automation of the tool path calculation is unmatched; respecting the part evacuation and tool use order as well as any technological constraints. act/cut utilizes specific cutting functions such as continuous cutting (to minimize lead-ins), common cut, skeleton cutting, programmable bevel management, control of marking etching and boring systems, speed control in water-jet cutting, loop support, and collision avoidance with parts already cut.

Tool Path Optimization

Supported Cutting Types

Laser Cutting

Providing efficient and automated nesting capabilities combined with the ability to support all laser cutting functions as well as to manage a wide range of technological parameters, act/cut is the most productive and effective solution for programming your laser cutting machines.

Plasma/Oxy Cutting

Thanks to its ability to meet specific machine requirements, including heat constraints, involved in oxy-cutting and plasma cutting, act/cut is a powerful and flexible solution which efficiently combines automation and user interaction, when required.


Act/cut’s added value in punching-nibbling technology lies mainly in the software’s powerful automation (tool allocation, machining sequence, nesting, part evacuation, etc.). This makes act/cut a highly productive solution for on-demand production of numerous and varied parts. The software can manage all loading/unloading peripheral systems and is perfectly adapted to combined machines.

Water-jet Cutting

Particularly suitable for continuous cutting whether you manage large-scale nesting or unit cutting projects, act/cut can meet any types of water-jet cutting requirements in terms of tool trajectory, cutting speed or lead-ins/outs control. With its ability to easily adjust parameter setting to any kind of material that can be water-jet cut, act/cut is the programming solution for your water-jet cutting machines.

Aluminum Sheet Routing

Aluminum sheet routing technology is specific to the needs of the aeronautics industry. Today, numerous aircraft manufacturers and subcontractors use act/cut on a daily basis to pilot their NC routing machines. With high nesting performance and the ability to meet all the technological requirements and constraints of the routing process, act/cut is the ideal solution for the programming of your aluminum routing machines.

Wood Panel Routing

Alma has developed a unique expertise in the field of wood panel machining on 2.5 axis machines. act/cut is a high added-value software solution for all manufacturers who have significant needs in terms of part nesting. Furthermore, a dedicated module that combines geometry recognition functions and automatic machining functions, enables any CAD designed 3D part to be imported, prepared and programmed.

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